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Your NetID and associated password are the only credentials needed to access most University and campus networking and computing services.  Services such as the my.UIC portal, Blackboard, email, campus computer labs, printers and more.

Passwords are managed centrally via the IAM Password Management service. 

Many instructors have found it useful to have software and data files installed on our network servers for their students to use. The Academic Computing and Communications Center will work with faculty and departments to make such arrangements.

You must submit the software installation request before the deadline and provide all the required information: 

The ACCC has 24-hour labs located in Science and Engineering Labs East on the east campus, in Benjamin Goldberg Research Center on the west campus, and in all of the residence halls. While the residence halls are open at all hours to residents, SELE and BGRC are only open during regular business hours. After 5pm, building access with a UIC i-card is required to enter the buildings.

Note: We are currently working on a searchable lab software page. Information presented on this page may be incomplete. The following software is guaranteed to be present in our Windows computer labs:

Service: Computer Labs

Please review the lab reservation and usage policy before submitting a request to reserve a lab.

Beginning with the Spring 2015 semester, the ACCC is partnering with the Office of Classroom Scheduling (OCS) to improve the computer lab reservation process.

Note: Reservation requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of a single event/class. Requests made with less than this amount of lead time may not get processed.

The U-Print system is the default printer destination for all computers in all ACCC computer labs. The following departments also have labs that participate in the U-Print system:

  • Honors College (BH B11)
  • School of Public Health (SPHW 523)
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Medicine labs
  • College of Art and Architecture (A&A)
  • Commuter Student Resource Center (SCE 245)
  1. Click File and choose Print (or use the shortcut Ctrl + P or Command + P). By default your document will be printed double-sided (if it is longer than one page). 
  2. Verify the printer you have selected matches the lab you are in (unless you intend to have your job printed to a different lab).
  3. Click Print.
  4. Access the nearest U-Print Station and log in using your UIC NetID  and password.
  5. Once logged in, you must select the document that you want to print, and simply click Print once more. 

Check your balance and printing history for the current semester in the following ways:

An Active Directory (AD) account will be locked out if there are too many incorrect password attempts, either by the account owner or by a third-party attempting a brute-force password hack.

Should this happen to you, contact an ACCC consultant at any of the campus labs or the ACCC Service Desk for assistance in having the account unlocked. 

Service: Computer Labs

To view schedules of reservable labs, go to and select the respective lab from the list.

Service: Computer Labs

If a CD or DVD is stuck in a Mac disk drive, and the Mac is frozen or will not otherwise normally eject the disk, manually reboot into OS X (hard reset w/ power button) while holding the MOUSE BUTTON, C key, or OPTION key upon startup.  Upon reaching the Startup Disk screen, release and press the EJECT button.

No, printing from lab computers is restricted to current UIC students, staff, and faculty, with a valid UIC NetID and password.
Service: Computer Labs

The Instructional Technology Lab has both flatbed and slide scanners available for faculty and students. Scanners are also located in the following computer labs:

Service: Computer Labs

ACCC public labs at UIC are stocked with both PCs and Macs that are available for use by any UIC affiliate.

How to log into and out of a Windows machine:

  1. To log in a Windows PC, enter your NetID into the Username field and ACCC Common Password into the Password field.
  2. To log out of a Windows PC, click on the start button on the bottom left corner of the screen and select'log off.'

To log into and out of a Macintosh machine:

When printing from a Mac, an error message will state that the print queue is paused.

This situation often occurs when a user has altered the Mac system preferences or when a program starts printing to the print queue, but is unable to finish. If a lab monitor is present, notify him.  This problem can also be resolved by sending an email to Please indicate the specific computer number, e.g., M226307 as well as a description of the problem.  The print queue will be cleared.

Service: Computer Labs

ACCC laptops checked out from either MLC or GH do not allow inbound file transfer/device pairing. If you need to use Bluetooth to transfer files to a computer, you can use ACCC lab Macs.

Service: Computer Labs

ACCC is not responsible for data lost in public labs. Lab computers are not a file storage option: any data saved locally can be assumed to be lost permanently upon logging out. The same is true for documents lost due to a software crash.  To minimize the possibility of lost data, SAVE your work early and often to a permanent device! 

To save files in ACCC labs, please use one of the following:

Tags: u-print

You can print a document in any lab as long as the printer that you print the job on is the same as or similar to the printer in the lab where you submitted the document for printing. Special print jobs, such as those for the plotter in the Art and Architecture lab, will only be available to print from the Art and Architecture U-Print station because they cannot be printed on any other ACCC printer.

The default printer type in each lab is set to the type of printer that is available in that lab. 

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