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If you have forgotten your password, you can request a reset of your password. If you already know your password and want to change it:

  • Press the message button to access your voicemail.
  • Press (0) to access submenu
  • Select (1) Record unavailable message
  • Select (3) Change Name
  • Select (4) Temporary greeting


Tags: voip, voicemail
Service: Voicemail, VoIP

You may call your phone from any other phone. When your recorded greeting begins, press the * (asterisk) button. You will then be prompted for your voicemail password.

Alternatively, you may call 312-355-5960 and follow the voice instructions. You will be asked for your mailbox, then password.

If your phone password is not allowing you to access your voicemail, request a password reset.

Tags: voicemail, voip
Service: Voicemail, VoIP

This system allows several options for receiving voicemails. You can have email notifications sent to your inbox. These emails can have links to the files or attachments of the files. The commands listed in the table below toggle the functions on or off.

Be aware, however, that sound files could fill up your inbox and cause you to exceed your space quota if the messages are not deleted regularly. Deleting sound files from your inbox does not delete them from your voicemail’s storage.

Voicemail Telephone Number: (312) 413-9500

Voice Mailbox Number: (your 5-digit campus telephone extension)

Security Code: (your 7 digit identification code)

  1. To set up your mailbox for the first time:

    Note: You must press 9 twice(9,9) to exit Voicemail

    Please record a greeting, name recording, and security code within 10 days to avoid disconnection

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Once the person's greeting begins playing, press the # (pound sign) key on your phone.

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Service: Voicemail
When you access your mailbox for the first time, a user tutorial is automatically activated. This tutorial will guide you through your first mailbox session; explaining how to record a greeting, your name and prompt you to change your temporary security code.


You will be asked to record a greeting that callers will hear when they call your extension.

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To set up voicemail, press the messages button. It will prompt you for a new password. The system will disconnect you. You should then reenter the system with your new password. You will be able to set your options. You will also record a new greeting using the mailbox options submenus shown below.

Asterisk Voicemail Commands - Main Menu
1 New messages
2 Change folders
0 Mailbox options


Tags: voip, voicemail
Service: Voicemail, VoIP

Press the "CFwdALL" softkey on your phone. Enter in extension 2-2222. All incoming calls are now going directly to your voicemail. Pressing the "CFwdALL" softkey on your phone disables call forwarding.

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