Do I receive funds for printing each semester?

Currently, ACCC is running a pilot of the new Ink printing system, while also maintaining the U-Print printing system.


Students receive a $10 promotional credit each semester during the Ink solutions pilot, usable at any Ink Smart Station on campus. Once the promotional credit is exhausted, you can add credit to your InkFunds account via a credit/debit card. There is currently no integration with DragonDollar$ for Ink. If the pilot is successful, this integration will be implemented to allow you to use your DragonDollar$ funds for printing.


Students continue to receive the ACCC-provided $15 quota for printing, usable at any of the U-Print locations on campus. At U-Print locations, once the quota is exhausted, you can utilize your DragonDollar$ account balance.

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January 13, 2018

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