How to avoid curtains (black bars) on your UICast presentation

When Using the Widescreen Aspect Ratio on the Display Input

If you are configuring the SafeCapture HD, you can specify that the device capture in widescreen. If you do this, all devices with the configuration will capture in widescreen. This may result in captures with black bands on either side of the display area ("curtains"). 

The curtaining effect occurs in this situation:

  1. An Instructor uses ad hoc capture
  2. The Instructor displays a presentation from his own laptop
  3. The laptop is set to a standard aspect ratio
  4. Once the lecture is captured, the "curtains" cannot be removed, even if the Echo is reprocessed.

Tips to avoid curtaining:

  • Avoid specifying the widescreen aspect ratio in a device configuration.
  • Specify the widescreen aspect ratio on an individual device, in a specific room, as appropriate.
  • Make sure that Instructors using their own laptops in the room reset the aspect ratio on their laptops. 
  • Monitor ad hoc captures in rooms with the widescreen aspect ratio. If you see a "curtained" display, you will need to reset the aspect ratio on the display device.


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June 18, 2015

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