How do I configure Basic Email on Android devices?

Most new staff and faculty, and almost all new students do not have a Basic Email account. Staff, please see Exchange Online, students see UIC GoogleApps.

The following instructions are for configuring the Android email clients previous to Ice Cream Sandwich to use Basic Email accounts. There is a separate set of instructions if you are using GoogleApps@UIC gmail.

Incoming email setup

  1. Launch the native Email application for your Android phone.
    android email icon
  2. Enter your UIC email address: (where "yourNetID" is your UIC NetID) and your ACCC common password when prompted.
    android set up email
  3. Follow these steps for a manual setup if automatic does not work:
    1. Select IMAP as the type of connection
    2. Set the incoming mail server to
    3. Set the port to 993
    4. Select security type SSL

The ACCC does not recommend using POP, but if you do use it,  the port is  995 and set the option to never delete email from server.

Outgoing email setup

Use these settings for manual setup if automatic does not work:

  1. SMTP server should be set to
  2. Port should be 587
  3. Security type is TLS
  4. Enter your UIC NetID and your ACCC common password.

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August 25, 2017

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