How do I configure departmental lecture capture?

Note: This is for departmental lecture capture appliance administrators only. Please submit a request if you would like to start having your lectures recorded.

View the EchoSystem Server Basics page to get started on managing your recordings. You can log in to our EchoSystem Server UI using your NetID and ACCC common password.

Adding presenters, schedulers, and administrators

When adding a user following the directions in the User Account section, enter the user's NetID as the user name. Leave the password fields blank. If the password field is left blank, the user will be able to use their common password to log in.

Courses and sections

Before you can schedule captures, you need to create a course and section.


You can use the terms the ACCC uses or you can create and use your own. The ones the ACCC uses are named like "Summer Semester 2012 - 4 week" or "Spring Semester 2013".  Ones created by other departments should have something in front of the term name to denote that it was created by that department. For example, the College of Pharmacy would use something like "Pharmacy" or "COP".


It’s recommended that you base your course identifiers and names off of what’s listed in the UIC course catalog. For example, “BIOS 100” as a course identifier and “Biology of Cells and Organisms” as its name.


For most courses it's recommended to create a section each semester, and name the section accordingly. A format like "<Semester> - <Instructor Last Name>" works well. For example, something like "Fall Semester 2012 - Smith". Please leave Media Settings unchanged.

Product Groups

Product groups are premade settings to help simplify setup of the lecture capture. Video means “input from a video camera connected to the device” here. Display is the video input from the computer. The default product groups with “Balanced between file size & quality” in their names can be used with any Echo capture device. The others can be only be used with the newer SafeCapture HD devices.

Security Settings

You should choose between one of these two options:

  1. Secured UIC AD Domain Users - Users will need to authenticate with their NetID and common password to view any Echoes associated with the section.
  2. Allow All - No authentication is required to view Echoes associated with the section.

Configured Publishers

The default publishers are:

  1. Blackboard 4.0 Publisher EchoCenter - Publishes captures to a Blackboard course site under the 'EchoCenter' section (which it creates automatically).
  2. Blackboard 4.0 Publisher Links - This publisher is similar to the EchoCenter one, but it publishes links in a different location on the Blackboard site (Course Documents -> Class Recordings). Some users find this method to be more reliable (when viewing captures, not when publishing) than the EchoCenter one. Note that this publisher will not work unless the target Blackboard site has a Course Documents folder.
  3. Email Publisher - Sends an email containing capture and RSS feed links to users listed as presenters on the capture.
  4. RSS Publisher - Publishes capture links to an RSS feed. The RSS feed URL gets emailed to presenters. You can also see the RSS feed in the section’s properties in the EchoSystem Server UI.

The Blackboard publishers need to be edited and configured with a Blackboard Course ID to work.  These can be found on Blackboard, and a typical Course ID will look something like “class101.fall.2012” or “class101.instructor.fall.2012”.


You have to set up scheduling in order for your lectures to be recorded.

Please remember that:

  • You must activate your schedules after you create them, otherwise those scheduled captures will not run. This is mentioned several times in their documentation, but it bears repeating.
  • The maximum duration for a capture is 240 minutes.

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September 20, 2016

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