How do I log in to Argo?

You will need an SSH client such as PuTTY (Windows), SecureCRT (Windows) or Terminal (OS X) to access Argo. SecureCRT is available free of charge via the WebStore.

Connect directly to Argo

Setting Value
Server name
Port 22 (default)
Username UIC NetID
Password common password

Direct SSH access to Argo is restricted to on-campus network connections. To connect directly to Argo from off-campus, please download and install the VPN client.


After login, you will see the following information scroll on the screen:

  • the last successful login to your account
  • the message of the day (MOTD)
  • some information about how the system was created (disregard it)

Please take note of the information in the MOTD. System downtime, node availability, and much more is displayed there.


By default, your login shell is bash. If you want a different login shell (csh, for example), send email to requesting the change; the standard UNIX change shell command, chsh, will not make the alteration. Login information including the name of your shell is not kept on Argo; it's saved somewhere else, a location that you can't access.

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September 21, 2016

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