How do I share my Microsoft Exchange calendar to the internet using the Outlook Web App (OWA)?

If you want to share your calendar with others who are not on Exchange or an organization that does not have their Exchange system federated with the ACCC, you will have to publish your calendar to the internet. You have the option of creating a public link to your calendar.  Links are not published until they are enabled by you.

There are three levels of sharing available: 

  • Free/busy information
  • Free/busy information including subject and location
  • All information
  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Calendar.ex2010_internetcalendar_01
  3. Click on Share, and then click on Publish This Calendar To Internet.ex2010_internetcalendar_02
  4. Select the publishing details you wish to share by clicking on the Publishing detail dropdown menu. The pop up explains exactly which details are visible.ex2010_internetcalendar_03
  5. Choose the range of the calendar by selecting values between a day and a year in the Publish my calendar dropdown menus.ex2010_internetcalendar_04
  6. Choose whether or not your calendar will be searchable online by selecting either Restricted or Public in the Access level area.ex2010_internetcalendar_05
  7. Once you finished setting up your options as needed, click on Start Publishing.
  8. Copy the calendar links and then you will be able to share them via email. Click on Save. If you wish to cancel publishing at a later date, come back to this screen and click on Stop Publishing.ex2010_internetcalendar_06

Check who has access to your calendar

Right click on your calendar and select Share > Change Sharing Permissions. A pop-up dialog box will appear and it will show you who currently has access to your calendar information and their level of access.  You can remove people by highlighting them and clicking the X button.

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February 01, 2013

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