How do I update my UIC email forwarding?

Students do not have the ability to forward their email to off campus email account(s).

Current faculty and staff do not have the ability to forward their email to off campus email account(s) but do have the ability to forward to the following domains:,,, and

Your email address is in the form, where NetID is that person's UIC NetID. This is an email forwarding address, not an actual email account. In order to be used, must forward to an actual email account, which can be a UIC email account or an existing external account. In many cases, when you create an ACCC email account, you will be given the option to have your email sent to your new account.

In order to manage your account for your email address at any time (authentication required) to: 

  • choose from your existing ACCC email accounts,
  • create a new account (if applicable), or to
  • enter the email address of another email account that you own. 

Please be careful if you choose the last option, because the utility has no way of checking whether the email address that you enter is correct or whether it belongs to you. Email addressed to email will be forwarded to the address you provide even if you enter an incorrect or non-existent email address.


The last option can also be used to add your Exchange account. Exchange accounts should be added as If the forwarding address is not changed then all mail sent from an Exchange account will only go to your Exchange account, regardless of what is set as the forwarding address. All mail from non-Exchange accounts will be sent to the address specified in your forwarding address.

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September 21, 2016

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