How to I add LTI based publishing to a course?

To configure LTI-based publishing for a section, enter the Blackboard course ID in the "External System ID" field under the EchoCenter heading when either adding a new section or editing an existing one.  

NOTE: To find the Course ID in Blackboard, Navigate to the Course page then select Customization > Properties. Use the Course ID found on the Properties page. To find a list of all the Course IDs for all the courses that you teach, simply click on the "Courses" tab in the top right corner of your screen.

The tool must also be added to each individual course page in Blackboard.  

To add the tool to a course in Blackboard:
1. Enter the course page in Blackboard.
2. In the upper right portion of the screen, Turn Edit Mode on
3. On the uper left side, click the "+" sign and then click on "Add Tool Link".
    3a. Enter the name you'd like displayed in the "Name" field.
    3b. Select "Echo360" as the "Type".
    3c. Check the "Available to Users" box.

NOTE: The tool can be added to any content area in Blackboard, but it's not required.  The tool will show up in the "Tools" menu by default. 

4.  Click submit.

LTI-based publishing offers these advantages:

1. LTI publishing offers a single sign on experience.  Users only need to enter their NetID/password when logging into Blackboard.

2. LTI-Based publishing supports EchoCenter publishing, which is recommended instead of individual link publishing.

3. LTI is a published standard. The information passed between the systems is secured and authorized, and can ultimately provide for viewing analytics through the ESS.

4. LTI-Based publishing is dynamic, but traditional publishing is static. Static publishing means that if you change security settings or if you configure a publisher incorrectly, you must repost links to the learning management system (LMS). In dynamic publishing, by contrast, any changes made to the courses or sections are passed through automatically.

NOTE: Both LTI and the old method of publishing can be configured to run at the same time for a particular section.

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September 20, 2016

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