How to Record a Meeting

In order to comply with Illinois law, hosts that intend to record a WebEx meeting must state that intention in both the meeting invite (e.g. Exchange invite) and at the start of the meeting before they turn on recording.

If you are the host, you can record a meeting from the meeting room window by clicking on the Record icon or by using the Recorder icon.

record quick start

The recording panel will display in the bottom right hand corner. You can pause and stop the recording at any time. Use pause unless you want to stop the recording. Stopping and starting again will create multiple recordings.


At the end of the meeting the recording is saved as a file. The recording will be available in your WebEx portal, under My Recorded Meetings from the Meeting Center tab. It can take up to 1 hour for the recording to be available. Within the recording tab you have the option to play, save or delete your recorded meeting.

Meeting Center

For more information on how to watch, share, and edit a WebEx recording see this page:

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January 29, 2018

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