What are the paths and URLs for websites hosted on ACCC Unix servers?

Department, class, lab or student organization websites

In all cases, you will use SFTP to transfer files between tigger and your personal computer, or you can using SSH to login to tigger and edit the files there.

If a department, student organization, or other official Web page has a URL that begins with http://www.uic.edu/depts/ then the page is stored on tigger.uic.edu, in a directory that begins with:


Thus, to get the Unix directory from the URL, just take the URL and replace http://www.uic.edu/ or with /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/.

For server hostnames, www.uic.edu means tigger.uic.edu (It works backwards too; you get the URL from the directory name in the same way.) For example: if the URL of the Foobar department's home page is http://www.uic.edu/depts/foobar/ then its web files are in /usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/depts/foobar/ and the subdirectories below it.

Personal websites

If your UIC NetID is adabyron, your account is on tigger, and the file you want to upload is foo.htmluse SFTP to upload the file to the host: tigger.uic.edu. The directory into which you will upload the file will be: ~adabyron/public_html (Of course, you will use your own NetID in place of adabyron.) On the web, the file will have the URL: http://www.uic.edu/~adabyron/foo.html

Note that in Unix usage, ~adabyron represents the home directory for the adabyron account. But in a URL, ~adabyron represents ~adabyron/public_html, the public_html subdirectory under adabyron's home directory. The web server knows about the magic directory named public_html.

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September 21, 2016

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