What do UICast lecture captures look like?

UICast Lecture Capture provides a flexible system for recording lectures.  There are both software and hardware options, and both are easy to use.  In classrooms, once a capture has been scheduled, there is very little that the instructor needs to do, aside from being sure to use the wireless microphone available for the classroom.  The recording of the lecture happens automatically, and once completed, will be automatically processed and made available on the Blackboard site of the class and/or on UIC’s iTunes U, depending on what is chosen when submitting the request. 1-hour lectures will be available within 4 hours. Longer lectures will be available at a rate of 4 hours of processing per hour of lecture.

  • Captures posted to Blackboard will appear like this:

Image of Blackboard posting of lecture capture

  • Captures posted to iTunesU appear within the course's College section on the main page. For example:

Image of iTunesU posting of lecture capture

  • iTunesU postings provide a link to 'Subscribe' to the captures, which would automatically download new UICast captures into the student's iTunes program whenever a new capture is posted, without the student having to do anything further.

Captured lectures will be available in a number of formats:

  • Standard Podcast: This is a digital audio file (MP3) with no video.
  • Enhanced Podcast: This is a digital audio file that includes images synchronized with the audio (not full-motion). The included images provide breakpoints for “chapters” within the audio file.
    Image of still frame of Enhanced podcast format
  • Vodcast: This is a video file that contains screen visuals along with the audio from the lecture.
    Image of still frame from Vodcast format
  • Rich Media: This is a strictly web-based, rich media version of the lecture that includes presentation visuals, audio, and video capture. This format can only be played back through the web browser and is not available for download.

    Image of rich media format


Processed lecture captures will be kept on the UIC servers for a period of four semesters (including Summer).

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September 08, 2012

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