ACCC Computer Management for Everyone (ACME)



This paid service provides hardware and software support, and software licenses for a yearly fee to UIC Faculty and staff who purchase an eligible computer when they sign up for ACME.


The ACME service includes initial computer setup and data transfer from a previous computer if needed (operating system setup, data transfer, software installation, setup and transfer of email, preferences, bookmarks, and other settings), and assistance with peripheral hardware setup (printer, scanner, camera).  Along with the following:

Hardware support includes:

  • on-site complete troubleshooting
  • remote support via teamviewer
  • part ordering and replacement, note: Apple computers can be taken to the downtown Chicago Apple store for further troubleshooting and service
  • data backup - ADSM available
  • Loaner as needed

Software support includes:

  • new computer software licenses and software setup and troubleshooting support
  • virus/spyware/malware scan removal
  • network connectivity
  • online data backup
  • ADDA available software - Windows and Mac


Purchase of an eligible desktop or laptop.
The ACME service must be purchased in conjunction with a new eligible computer.  ACME is available to any faculty or staff member, in any department or unit,  or to any other person approved by their department or unit for an ACME computer. ACME recipients must have a UIC netID and UIC approved email account to participate.


Upon the purchase of an ACME recommended computer, the new computer is eligible for the ACME service. The ACME service provides hardware and software support as long as the computer has its original operating system and hardware. This $200/yr service must be purchased at the same time the computer is purchased.


$200 per year.




Last updated: 

October 26, 2012

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