Audience: Faculty, Staff


Backup services allow campus staff and faculty to protect the files stored on computers and mobile devices.  These services are designed to allow for the restoration of data in case the file is lost or the computer is damaged in some way. 


Currently there are two options available to select from for the backup service.

  • ADSM:  allows campus network backup for campus servers only.
  • CrashPlan:  unlimited, cloud-based backup for faculty and staff that allows for up to 5 devices per account. Users are able to restore individual files on their own.  


When deciding between the two options offered for backups, please keep in mind that CrashPlan is not offered for server backups and ADSM is not for personal backups.


  • ADSM: there is no cost for this service
  • CrashPlan: there is no cost for this service


Phone 312-413-0003