Respondus (free for UIC Faculty)

A powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard Learn, Respondus allows you to:

  • Create exams and assessments offline using a Windows interface
  • Supports up to 15 question types, including calculated and algorithmic formats.
  • Import questions from MS Word (including embedded images), rich-text, QTI and tab/comma delimited formats
  • Use the Exam Wizard to create an assessment quickly
  • "Spell check" an entire exam file (includes dictionaries for American English, Canadian English, British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, and a comprehensive medical dictionary)
  • Add tables, bulleted lists, font changes, and enhanced formatting (e.g. bold, italics) just like in a word processor
  • Insert mathematical and scientific symbols using the Respondus Equation Editor or MathType
  • Add images, audio and video to assessments; even resize or convert images automatically
  • Use the Media Wizard to create links to content on other servers (e.g. YouTube, Picasa)
  • Create random sets of questions with a one-step wizard
  • Determine point values and exam settings offline
  • Print exams/surveys directly from Respondus, or save files to MS Word or rich-text format
To obtain Respondus for your use, first download it from the UIC Webstore. Be sure to check System Requirements prior to downloading. And remember, Respondus is FREE for UIC Faculty and Staff through the UIC Webstore. 
You may also download the Blackboard Learn User Guide from the Respondus website or UIC's quick guide
For more detailed information, visit the Respondus website or contact the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) at for assistance. 
Last updated: 

February 16, 2016