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The ACCC provides assistance to the users of the common use classrooms (those scheduled by the Office of Classroom Scheduling) on the East Side of campus.  The Learning Environments & Technology Services (LETS) office is centrally located in Lecture Center E, to provide a single point of contact for any support needed.


​The ACCC works closely with the Office of Campus Learning Environments, Facilities Management, and the Office of Classroom Scheduling to ensure reliable service to all common use classrooms.  We currently support 180 classrooms, 80% of which have some level of multimedia technology installed. The ACCC provides a single point of contact for any issues in the common use classrooms, include with the multimedia equipment, furniture, environment, or facilities.

Equipment Reservation

The ACCC maintains an inventory of various types of multimedia equipment. This equipment is available via our online reservation system.  Request transparency projectors for the semester. We currently have the following types of equipment available for reservation:

  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Camcorder (Digital)
  • Camera (Digital)
  • Digital Audio Recorder
  • Document Camera
  • DVD Player
  • DVD Player (Multiregion)
  • DVD/VHS Player
  • Headset (USB)
  • Laptop (Apple)
  • Laptop (Windows)
  • Lectern
  • Lectern (Table-top)
  • Microphone (USB)
  • Microphone (Wired Handheld)
  • Microphone (Wireless)
  • Mixer
  • Monitor (CRT)
  • Monitor (CRT) with DVD/VHS
  • Monitor (CRT) with VHS
  • Portable Stereo System
  • Presentation Remote
  • Projection Screen (Portable)
  • Projector (Large Venue)
  • Projector (Portable)
  • Projector (Short Throw)
  • Projector (Transparency)
  • Speaker (Large)
  • Speaker (Medium)
  • Speaker (Portable)
  • Speaker (System)
  • Tripod
  • VHS Player (Multiregion)
  • Webcam (USB)


Equipment and service reservations are available for both UIC academic courses and for special events. 

Please be aware that we require 48-hour notice for equipment and service reservations. For late orders, please call our office and we will accommodate the request if possible. There is a late order charge for Special Event reservations.


There is no charge for the support that the LETS office provides, for the common use classrooms.  Support of other spaces may be available at a cost.

For equipment reservations, there is no cost for academic course-related reservations.  Charges do apply for special events. These charges will be discussed on an individual basis once the ACCC staff receives your reservation request and follows up with you regarding the needs of the event. For both Special Event and Course Reservations, CFOAP information is required for UIC affiliates to make charges against (either for reservation costs, or for repair/replacement costs in the case of damage while the equipment is checked out).


Phone 312-996-2751 (General Inquiries)
312-996-4648 (Urgent Help Line)
In person

Lecture Center E
Room E112

  • Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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