Student Employment

ACCC CSS - Student Consultant Positions

ACCC Client Service Solutions seeks student consultants to fill the following roles:

Service Desk Consultant. Service Desk Consultants are the first point of contact for ACCC services and provide first-level support via email and telephone. They work from our central hub in Science and Engineering Labs East 2267.

C-Stop Consultant. C-Stop Consultants deliver one of ACCC’s largest and most important services by staffing labs across campus and providing in-person support at these various locations.

All ACCC student consultants support the services in our diverse portfolio ( including computer labs, printing, UIC WiFi, NetIDs and passwords, email, and more.


To be considered for employment, you must meet all of the requirements below:

1.  Be registered for at least 6 credit hours.

2.  Have at least three (3) non-summer terms of study left at UIC. Your projected graduation date should be Spring 2019 or later.  This is non-negotiable.

3.  Be in good academic standing.

4.  Have customer service and communication skills, both interpersonal and written. *Prior customer service experience preferred*

5.  Be able to work at least 10 hours per week during the hours or 8 AM – 5 PM.

6.  Be flexible in submitting hours of work availability. Your work schedule is built around your class schedule. We require each employee to submit a wide range of hours for scheduling consideration. You will be required to submit morning, daytime and evening availability from which a schedule is built.

7.  Attend all training sessions. Final hiring decisions are made contingent on your attendance and performance during training.

Application process

If you are interested in applying for either of these roles at ACCC, please send your resume by November 1st, 2017



ACCC CSS - Student Developer Position

ACCC Client Service Solutions is seeking for an outstanding student developer to be responsible for the coding, design and maintenance of applications used by our employees.


Broad knowledge and/or experience in:
·        At least one computer programming language.  The following languages are recommended: PHP,
         SQL,   HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bash, etc   
·        Object-Oriented Programming.
·        Relational database interactions.
·        Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
·        Terminal-based operating systems. (e.g. Linux, FreeBSD, etc.)
·        Object Relations, Pointers, and programming data types.
·        Basic central code repository workflows.
Excellent skills in:
·        Keyboarding.
·        writing documentation for both general users and technical/developer users.
·        Learn programming paradigms and workflows quickly.
·        Understanding code algorithms.
Job duties:
·        Write computer programs to achieve goals set by superiors in a timely manner.
·        Maintain legacy code and provide solutions to aide in maintenance efforts.
·        Ensure computer systems are functioning properly.
·        Manage critical applications, environments, and workflows.
·        Respond to critical issues when developed applications are experiencing problems.
·       Report and/or answer questions from faculty, staff and students (in person, phone and electronic   
         mail) about software, hardware, networks, communications, workflows, development, computer
         usage  policy, printing Internet access, tape management, operating systems, and/or any other
         reasonable request. Learn and execute proper workflows to maintain, update, and propose best

Ideally, we want a person who will be with us man many years to come, so that they can familiarize themselves with how everything works with our systems, workflows, etc.

Application process

There are no current openings available.

Last updated: 

January 30, 2018