Email and Calendaring

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT


The ACCC provides a personal University email address to all current students, staff and faculty. The email address is in the format and can be used in conjunction with any of the email services provided by the ACCC (GoogleApps@UIC, Basic Email and Exchange), or forwarded to an existing non-University email address.


Three options are available:

Service Cost Availability
GoogleApps@UIC Free Students, staff, faculty
Basic Email Free Students, staff, faculty
Exchange Monthly charges apply Faculty and staff

Non-personal email addresses

For departments and groups wishing to use a non-personal contact address, we provide several options, such as email aliases, listservs, official Google Groups and the Request Tracker (RT).

Calendar Options

With your GoogleApps@UIC account, you gain access to Google Calendar to use as your calendaring option.


A valid UIC NetID and common password is needed to create an email account, access email services or to change the forwarding of email address.


Service is contingent upon current relationship with UIC through class registration, employment, or other valid affiliation. Upon leaving UIC, a grace period is in effect for all services accessed with a UIC NetID and common password. At the end of the grace period access to services (including email accounts and email forwarding) is terminated. We recommend that students, faculty and staff leaving UIC download or migrate their email, calendars and documents prior to the end of the grace period.


Service Cost
GoogleApps@UIC Free. Create an account.
Basic Email
Exchange Monthly charges apply. Contact your department's REACH representative to request an Exchange account.


Phone 312-413-0003


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