Accessibility Resources

We work closely with the Disability Resource Center to ensure accessibility resources are available to the UIC community.

Accessibility software

To access the built-in Windows accessibility software at the login screen, use the Windows + U keys.

Software Hotkeys Locations
Kurzweil Ctrl + Alt + K All computer labs
ZoomText ​Ctrl + Alt + Z
JAWS ​Ctrl + Alt + J
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Ctrl + Alt + D
Natural Reader Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon

Coming Soon

  • Coming Soon

MAGic U-Print stations

MAGic is a screen magnification tool for U-Print stations. MAGic software is available in the following locations:

To launch MAGic, press Ctrl + Alt + Z. Use Ctrl + - (minus) keys to decrease the level of magnification. Use Ctrl + + (plus) keys to increase the level of magnification. If the application's window gets hidden behind the Pharos screen, you can use Alt + Tab keys to switch to MAGic's window, then Alt + F4 to close it.​

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February 06, 2014

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