Student Response Systems (Clickers)

Learning Technology Solutions supports classroom response systems developed by "iClicker" and "Turning Technologies." Please see information below to decide which option is best for your class environment. Our recommendation is to have the software for the student clickers installed on your laptop and bring your laptop to the presentation room. The software needed to use student clickers is not currently available on the computers in the lecture halls but will be installed.


iClicker is an classroom response system that instantly provides feedback from the students and posts the students answers to the questions posed by their instructor(s).

  • Great solution for standard questions and answers, such as multiple choice.
  • Each student uses a 'iClicker device,' a portable, handheld device that allows students to vote by 'clicking' on the appropriate button for his/her choice.
  • Each instructor uses a receiver that collects votes sent by students' clickers. Light and portable, the receiver is powered through any computer's USB port.
  • Instructors present a question and enable polling.
  • Each student responds by 'clicking' the appropriate button for his or her choice.
  • A wireless signal is sent immediately from each responding clicker to the receiver.
  • The receiver, through iClicker's easy-to-use software, logs and stores the data of each individual student.
  • The instructor can then display voting results in a graph, to the audience.
  • The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to any gradebook software or course management system.

Student Registration of their iClicker

Students must register the serial number on the back of their iClicker device in the Blackboard Learn course site for a particular course in order to get credit in their responses in that course:

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn.
  2. Select the appropriate course site.
  3. Select Tools from the site menu.
  4. Select iClicker Remote Registration from the list of items on the Tool page.
  5. Enter the serial number from the back of your iClicker device in the iClicker Remote ID box.
  6. Click Submit to confirm the registration.

The serial numbers of the iClicker devices that you have registered with your UIC NetID are listed on the iClicker Remote Registration page. iClicker devices are registered in the UIC Blackboard Learn system with your UIC NetID and the course sites associated with your UIC NetID. A single iClicker device can be used across multiple courses (Blackboard Learn course sites), and multiple iClicker devices can be registered with your UIC NetID and can be used in one or more course sites. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to check each course site to be sure that your iClicker device(s) appears in the list for that course site.

You can remove any serial number that you do not want associated with your UIC NetID while on the iClicker Remote Registration page.

Note well that the same iClicker device cannot be used by two or more students in the same course site! Only the one student who successfully registers the serial number of the iClicker device gets credited with the responses of that iClicker device. Students who subsequently try to register that serial number with their UIC NetID will get a warning that the device is already registered to another UIC NetID in the course site and will not be able to register that serial number.

Students in the latter situation should contact their instructor and ask him or her to check the course site for the serial number of iClicker device that cannot be registered. This is accomplished by:

  1. Selecting iClicker Instructor Tools in Course Tools.
  2. Selecting Instructor Report on the iClicker Instructor Tools page.
  3. Selecting Submit on the iClicker Instructor Report Settings page.
  4. Using the Find function of the browser to search for the serial number.

If you cannot read the serial number on the back of your iClicker device, note that the serial number is displayed in the display window of the device for a few seconds after the device is powered on.

If you have entered the incorrect serial number, you can remove it (disassociate it from your UIC NetID) while on the iClicker Remote Registration page.

MacOS Sierra - iClicker Documentation and Software Downloads for Instructors:

If you will be using iClicker Classic on a Mac computer with macOS Sierra installed, use the following instructions for installation. iClicker has confirmed that there is a known issue with the iClicker installer for macOS Sierra. In order for it to work correctly some additional steps will need to be taken.

  1. Access and download the iClicker Classic software for Mac. The download of a .dmg file will begin. Once it has completed downloading, double click the .dmg file to mount it. It will then look like a removable USB drive.
  2. Create a new folder on your Mac to house the iClicker software.
  3. Copy and paste the “” file from the .dmg location into your new folder.
  4. Double click the application in your new folder (NOT from within the .dmg location). This will run the software and populate your new folder with all requisite folders for Resources, Classes, etc.
  5. Download the LMS_Wizard.xml file and place it into the new Resources folder that was created in step four.

iClicker Documentation and Software Downloads for Instructors:

Turning Technology Devices

Turning Technologies classroom response system is ideal for all environments and is 100% native with Microsoft PowerPoint. Turning Technologies software in conjunction with ResponseCard keypads (student clickers) creates a wireless audience response and voting system that enables educators, trainers, and presenters to develop and administer real-time assessments of participants from within Microsoft PowerPoint. Transform your next presentation into a wireless classroom response tool that can seamlessly identify and confirm participant understanding and increase participant attentiveness as well as gather, rank, and report critical information simultaneously in real-time.

Turning Technologies provide further analysis of classroom response data via reports that easily move data into preformatted Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word templates. Sharing information is made simple through the Turning Technology response solution. Turning Technologies unique design allows it to seamlessly operate with the leading hardware products and education content solutions like Word, Excel, and Blackboard.

  • Easy Installation - Plug and play hardware setup
  • Native to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Customize your presentations with graphs, countdown timers, and correct answer indicators
  • Multiple post-session reporting options

ResponseCards and Receivers

  • Turning Technologies offers a variety of ResponseCards to meet your specific audience or student response goals and objectives
  • Turning Technologies offers a variety of state-of-the art, "plug & play" response receivers for use with ResponseCard keypads to meet the specific needs of your environment

Getting Started

Instructors will receive a free clicker and a receiver when they instruct the bookstore to order clickers for their class, which you do pretty much the same way you tell the bookstore to order textbooks for your class. Students will buy their own clickers at the bookstore.

Please note: The LTS does not have clickers to lend out, or to use for testing purposes.

As an instructor, you then need to bring a laptop to the multimedia classroom, connect it to the multimedia classroom podium, and connect the student clicker receiver to your laptop. Your laptop will need to have the student clicker instructor software loaded on your laptop along with the actual student clicker activities you plan to use during the lecture.

Turning Technologies Documentation and Software Downloads

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September 01, 2017