Mobile Phones

Audience: Faculty, Staff, IT


ACCC handles the management and administration of cell phone and mobile data plans centrally contracted through the state of Illinois.


ACCC maintains a current listing of offerings from our providers, while also allowing requests for those devices to be routed through an online portal.  Our portal then handles authentication, and approval before sending the requests on to the provider for order fulfillment.  Devices are sent back to us, the accounts are registered in our telecommunications management billing system and the users is contacted to pick up the device.


The new ACCC policy on Cell Phones and Related services that will be effective on January 1, 2016, requires changes to the related services previously provided by OBFS. If after reviewing this material you still have any questions, please contact us by sending email to All University employees or units will be able to order institutionally provided cell phones and related services, upon prior approval from Dean, Vice Chancellor or Associate Vice President.

All Stipends will continue to be submitted to OBFS.

Ordering a Cellular Device or Accessories

  1. First refer to Cellular Phone Equipment, Accessories and Cellular Service Plans to determine the type of phone, accessories and service plan required. Please include the following information on your Purchase Exception Request:
    • List of phone(s), equipment, accessories, and service plan
    • User’s Name
    • User’s Net ID or UIN
    • Account number for monthly service charge
    • Next: visit the person in your department who is responsible for submitting requisitions.
  2. Prior to submitting your request to ACCC you must have signature approval from the Dean, Vice Chancellor or Associate Vice President.
  3. Upon receipt of approved Purchase Exception Request visit ACCC home page going to Mobile Phones and submit your request with an attachment of your Approved Purchase Exception Request. Request a Mobile Phone
  4. Upon receipt by ACCC your order will be placed to the respective vendor. Delivery time normally 3 to 5 business days after order has been processed.

NOTE: The University is required to purchase all cellular service using the State of Illinois contract negotiated by Central Management Systems (CMS).