Paging Services

Audience: Faculty, Staff, IT


The UIC Page Operators can be reached by dialing "0" from any campus telephone, 312-996-6780, or 312-996-2133. For emergency calls (codes and stat pages) dial 996-6788 or 171 (from campus telephones). Detailed instructions for paging, retrieval, and status changes are located in the UIC Paging Directory.


Direct Paging

  • On Campus dial 136, the 4 digit UIC ID #, and the call back extension.
  • Off Campus dial 312-996-2242, the 4 digit UIC ID #, and the call back number.

Operator Assisted Paging

If the caller wishes to hold, the caller is placed on the Meet Me/Call Connect System. This system allows a direct connection between the caller and the subscriber (the operator is not on the line). After the operator follows the appropriate procedures, the subscriber will receive ext. 3-7985 on their pager. When the subscriber dials ext. 3-7985, the direct connection is made. When the prompts asks, the caller has the option of leaving a name. Calls hold for approximately three minutes.

Hospital Overhead Paging

The UIC Page Operators also page (approved) overhead requests, such as blood drives and hospital sponsored events.


Phone 312-413-0003