Phone Conferencing

ACCC is retiring the current Phone Conferencing system. Phone conference lines will not be available for request after March 2, 2018.

The Conferencing service has been updated to provide not only audio, but video and screen sharing capabilities as well, using the Cisco WebEx solution. Conference calls using audio-only will require the host to have an active account in UIC’s Cisco WebEx portal.

When using WebEx, you will not need to request a phone conference number. You will have a dedicated number to schedule and host your conference calls at any time. Learn how by visiting

Learn how to host an audio-only WebEx meeting:

Audience: Faculty, Staff


Phone conferencing allows multiple callers to dial a single phone number to conduct a conference call. Phone conferences can also be initiated directly from Cisco VoIP phones. 


There are two ways to set up conference calls:


  • Using WebEx
    • A WebEx account requested via the Webstore (only for hosts)
    • Telephone or headset with microphone
  • Using a VoIP phone


There is no additional cost for Cisco WebEx audio-only calls.

There is no cost for VoIP conference if the conference host call is made from a campus phone. Off campus calls may be billed by the caller's local phone company.




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