Software Licensing and Sales

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Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT, ACCC


Licensed software is distributed directly through the WebStore. WebStore strives to provide the software you need at the lowest possible price. 


Browse all the product offerings before log in to the WebStore. After you log in to the store, you will be able to view products that only you are eligible to purchase. You may see multiple offers for the same product, because the offers may be different between UIUC, UIC or UIS.

After placing the software order, you will receive an email confirmation from For certain products (for example, SAS statistical software), you will have the option to have the software shipped directly to you. Please note: For ‘Faculty/Staff only’ products will require a UIC mail code.


A valid UIC NetID and affiliation is required in order to purchase software from the WebStore

Personal purchase

Personal purchase software is for personally-owned computers and requires a valid credit card for items that are not free.

Unit purchase

Unit purchase software is for University-owned computers and requires a Banner Account Number for items that are not free.


University P-Cards are not accepted as payment. Offers labeled -UIUC ONLY or -UIS ONLY do not apply to UIC.


Cost varies by software.


Webstore Support Request Form

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