Video Conferencing

Audience: Faculty, Staff, IT


Videoconferencing supports two-way video and audio communication.  Videoconferencing has many applications. It eliminates the need to travel for a meeting, a seminar, or a conference. While reducing travel time and costs, it still offers an interactive audio-visual way to communicate effectively between different locations. We also have web conferencing available.


The ACCC can assist with ensuring video conference units owned by colleges/departments around the Chicago campus are configured properly on the UIC network.


Distance Education

The University of Illinois is involved in videoconference classes between different locations in Chicago, Springfield, Urbana, Rockford, and Peoria. This technology allows for students at one of these sites to attend classes held on a different campus. Some of the advantages of distance learning:

  • Students can take classes not offered at their own campus. 
  • Professors do not have to travel to distant sites and can communicate interactively with students in more than one location at the same time. 
  • Classes can utilize the latest multi-media and computer technologies in combination with Videoconferencing. 
  • Students can share the experience of guest speakers in a different city.

Business or administrative meetings

These meetings are very common in the University of Illinois due to the cooperation between the different campuses situated in Illinois.

Other applications

  • Community events 
  • Remote guest speakers 
  • Employee interviewing and training 
  • Vendor presentations
  • Intercampus committee meetings 
  • Medical symposia and demonstrations




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