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Request a website for a campus unit or lab

Use this form to request disk space for a website for a department, lab, group, or campus unit. One person will "own" (in the Unix sense) the directory, but additional people may be granted permission to edit the files. All of the people designated to work with department files must have personal accounts on the ACCC's tigger Unix server (if the listed.

The disk space allocated for departmental Web pages will not count against anyone's personal home directory disk quota. You do not need a departmental account for Web publishing. What you will need is a departmental Web directory and a list of the NetIDs of the people in your department who are authorized to edit the files in this directory. Each of the people authorized to work with your departmental directory will access it using their own UIC NetID and ACCC password. 

To find out the location of an existing site, translate the directory path from the website URL.

To add other users to an existing site, one of the site members should email wwwtech@uic.edu and include the site URL or path.