Resumable tests are advantageous because students can get kicked out of taking a Blackboard test for a number of reasons including clicking the browser's Back or Forward buttons. Fortunately, faculty members and teaching staff can minimize the effect of students being kicked out while taking a Blackboard test and reduce the need to have to reset students test attempts by making their Blackboard tests resumable. Students can generally resume taking a Blackboard test if instructors deploy the test by:

  1. Go to control panel. Select Grade center
  2. Select the tab " Manage ".  In manage select  "Column Organization "
  3. Select the columns to be displayed in graded center
  4. After selecting the columns, select the option "Show/Hide"
  5. Click Submit.

Student access to your site will be turned off according to the dates of availability you submitted in your Blackboard site request. Your archived site(s) will remain accessible to all instructors in case you need to review information from a previous course site.

The content editor allows you to add and format text, insert equations and hyperlinks, tables, and attach different types of files to content.

You can use the course calendar to provide students with dates for course-related events. Course calendar events appear to all members of the course. Common entries include the following items:

  • Meetings

  • Instructor office hours

  • Exams

Instructors have the ability to download Grade Center data as a delimited file that can be used in other applications such as Spreadsheet programs or statistical analysis programs. Instructors can select specific data to download, or download the complete Grade Center data set.

Instructors will often want to print the entire content of a thread or series of threads for reading offline. If a user attempts to print from the main course site view of the Discussion Forum this will create problems, due to the Blackboard frames layout.

The instructor can view group settings using the student preview option To view a specific group as a member using Student Preview, you will need to add the “preview user” to that group. 

Can anyone see my messages in Blackboard IM that I send to an individual?

A tool that allows you to send messages to individuals and groups of students, instructors, and TAs through Blackboard.  Note that this does not allow the sender to have an inbox and the email system is not specific to a single instructor/TA.

Allows you to export your grades from Blackboard into an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer to work with grades offline.

You can create formal groups of students to collaborate on work, and create these groups one at a time or in sets. You can manually select group members or allow students to self-enroll. Each group has its homepage with links to tools to help students collaborate.

The Content Editor allows you to upload several types of media files.

The Grade Center in Blackboard Learn is more than just a way to record students' grades. It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing you to record data, calculate grades, and monitor student progress.

With Blackboard IM students and instructors can easily see who’s online and available so they can instantly communicate with peers, colleagues, and experts. 

As of August 12th 2017, UIC is using the most current version of Blackboard Learn 9.1, which offers many valuable benefits. One of the several improvements from this upgrade is that Blackboard now has a mobile-friendly, responsive design that improves the user experience for anyone who wants access to their Blackboard course sites on their own schedule!

This update also removes the ability to change the Blackboard theme, colors, and element size. This limitation helps to ensure a consistent viewing experience for everyone, across all devices and course sites.


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