Google Groups cannot have calendars of their own, but you can create a subcalendar in your GoogleApps@UIC account for the group and share that with your group:

Google has good information on using Google Calendar on their support page.

The UIC Events Calendar was developed to post Events and Classified Ads electronically via the Web. It makes it easy to post brief items on the Web, and, if you wish, to send a one line summary of the item to the audience who will be most interested in it.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT
Service: Exchange

Outlook Calendar view lets you add the calendars of your team members, resources, as well as your home and work calendars.

Similar to having an assistant help you manage your incoming paper mail, you can use Microsoft Outlook to allow another person, known as a delegate, to receive and respond to e-mail messages and meeting requests and responses on your behalf. You can also grant additional permissions that allow your delegate to read, create, or have more control over items in your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox.

Service: Exchange

If you want to share your calendar with others who are not on Exchange or an organization that does not have their Exchange system federated with the ACCC, you will have to publish your calendar to the internet. You have the option of creating a public link to your calendar.  Links are not published until they are enabled by you.

There are three levels of sharing available: 

Service: Exchange

Internet Calendars are calendars that you publish to an Internet site, where others can view it or subscribe to it. Internet Calendars use the iCalendar format and the .ics file name extension.

Tags: calendar
Service: Events Calendar

Anyone with a UIC NetID and Common password can post to the UIC Events Calendar. Events posted to this calendar must be sponsored by University departments, units, or University recognized organizations. Some types of Classified ads do not have to associated with a UIC department, unit, or organization; they can be personal -- Lost and Found, Roommate Wanted, Buy Sell Want, for example. Both Classifieds and Events must be appropriate; the University reserves the right to edit or remove any entries.

Tags: calendar
Service: Events Calendar

Anyone can subscribe to the Events Calendar. You can also add an individual event: in the Detailed View of each event, using links the Options section toward the bottom. There is a link that will add the Event directly your personal UICal Calendar. If you use a different personal calendar, you can use the Export this event in ical format link. When you click this, a file named eventinformation.ics will be created.

You can use the course calendar to provide students with dates for course-related events. Course calendar events appear to all members of the course. Common entries include the following items:

  • Meetings

  • Instructor office hours

  • Exams

If you want to import your Google Calendar into Outlook, you don’t have to re-enter all of your appointments. Instead, export your Google Calendar to a file, and then import them into Outlook on your desktop. It’s not a one-click button but there’s a wizard that’ll walk you through the steps.


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