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UICast is a lecture capture service at UIC that allows instructors to record their lectures and make them available to their students electronically via a variety of formats (web, podcast, vodcast, mp3). The videos (called echoes) can be automatically published to Blackboard or iTunes U.

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, IT

For Mac OS X.


Start the Recording

Before beginning a recording, we recommend that you close (or at least minimize) all applications and windows except for Personal Capture and any applications you will use during the recording. The recording will be less cluttered and more professional looking.

Contact the appropriate unit to arrange lecture capture:

These instructions will walk you through how to install Echo360 Personal Capture Software  to provide you with the capability of recording lectures from your personal computer. The software can be downloaded from UIC's Echo360 page under the Downloads section after you have logged in, provided that your account has access to use personal capture. You can request access by filling out the lecture capture request form.

The following classrooms have the ability to record lectures:

Configure Personal Capture the first time you run the application.

Configure Echo360 Personal Capture Software for Mac OSX

Navigate to Echo360 Personal Capture > Preferences...

EchoSystem Capture Appliance (Hardware)

Port Description Port Port Direction Protocol
DHCP 67,68 both UDP
DNS 53 outbound UDP
HTTP 8080 inbound TCP
HTTPS 8443 both TCP

UICast Lecture Capture provides a flexible system for recording lectures.  There are both software and hardware options, and both are easy to use.  In classrooms, once a capture has been scheduled, there is very little that the instructor needs to do, aside from being sure to use the wireless microphone available for the classroom.  The recording of the lecture happens automatically, and once completed, will be automatically processed and made available on the Blackboard site of the class and/or on UIC’s iTunes U, depending on what is chosen when submitting the request. 1-hour lectures will be available within 4 hours. Longer lectures will be available at a rate of 4 hours of processing per hour of lecture.

Note: This is for departmental lecture capture appliance administrators only. Please submit a request if you would like to start having your lectures recorded.

View the EchoSystem Server Basics page to get started on managing your recordings. You can log in to our EchoSystem Server UI using your netID and ACCC common password.

When Using the Widescreen Aspect Ratio on the Display Input

If you are configuring the SafeCapture HD, you can specify that the device capture in widescreen. If you do this, all devices with the configuration will capture in widescreen. This may result in Echoes with black bands on either side of the display area ("curtains"). 

The curtaining effect occurs in this situation:

Echo360 only officially supports the following browsers:

Operating System

 Internet Explorer 9 and 10

Firefox 28

Chrome 34 Safari 5.1 and 6.0

Windows 7 and 8




Not Supported

Mac OS X 10.8

Not Supported



To configure LTI-based publishing for a section, enter the Blackboard course ID in the "External System ID" field under the EchoCenter heading when either adding a new section or editing an existing one.  

NOTE: To find the Course ID in Blackboard, Navigate to the Course page then select Customization > Properties. Use the Course ID found on the Properties page. To find a list of all the Course IDs for all the courses that you teach, simply click on the "Courses" tab in the top right corner of your screen.

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