Basic Email (Mailserv and Tigger) accounts can be accessed by a variety of desktop email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook for Windows and Mac OS X, Mozilla ThunderbirdApple Mail, as well as mobile devices running Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) and others.

You may have learned to how to send and receive mail with pine, the electronic mail system that the ACCC recommends for Unix, without reading any documentation on it; lots of people do. And that's just fine. In fact, it's one of pine's best features.

Pine is a UNIX tool for email and for reading Usenet newsgroups. Pine was designed for beginners, but is flexible enough to satisfy more advanced users. Once logged onto tigger, start Pine by entering:

Service: GoogleApps

Have you been using pine on tigger to manage your email?

  • Want to get away from logging in all the time, but still use your trusty pine interface?
  • Want to be able to use pine and still save attachments directly to your personal computer?
  • Want to use pine to read your GoogleApps@UIC email?

You can do all of these things with the personal computer versions of Alpine. (The "pine" on tigger has been the newer Alpine for many years. It's the same thing.)

Pico is a file editor used on Unix systems. It comes with pine, where it is used by default to compose new messages, but it can also be used as a stand-alone editor.

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Service: Basic Email

If you have moved your UIC email from Tigger to Mailserv, you can continue to use pine on either Tigger to access your Mailserv account. Use the move-to-mailserv utility to automatically configure pine up to display the contents of your Mailserv account. You can use the utility to do it even if you've already completed the migration. Just press Skip on all the other screens until you get to the last step, then click Reconfigure Pine.

Email clients, including pine, Webmail, and GoogleApps@UIC, allow you to use addressbooks for those you email most often. Unfortunately, they all use their own formats for these addressbooks, so you can not readily share that information between your email programs if you use more than one.

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