About ACCC

The Academic Computing and Communications Center provides central computer support to the UIC campus community. Our major services include network, wireless and internet connectivity; Blackboard, public labs, classrooms, and instructional technology; digital and analog telephony; email, calendar, emergency communications, accounts and passwords, and other business tools. For a full list of services and details, consult the Service Catalog.


To be a source of competitive advantage and value for the University of Illinois by providing a wide range of information solutions and services to the University’s campuses, operating units, and external stakeholders.     


ACCC works closely with UIC's Provost and her office,  the campus IT Governance Committees appointed by the Provost, the faculty senate Academic Services Committee, and the Student Fee Advisory Committee. At the university level, we work with the University Technology Management Team, the Committee for Architecture and Vision, and several organizations on other campuses.

At the campus unit level, ACCC works with REACH, a group of departmental representatives each appointed by a department head.  REACH members often provide technical support to departments as part of their duties.  The connection between ACCC and REACH lets us coordinate services and information, and helps keep us informed about departmental needs.  We also coordinate with Phonebook Contacts (PB Contacts), who maintain information about people, affiliations and NetIDs in the UIC directories.  To find your REACH or PBContact representative, search for your department in the UIC Departments A-Z list.


ACCC is currently headed by our Director and has 7 internal groups:

Position/Group Name Group Responsibilities
Director of ACCC Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom  
Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer Ed Zawacki Security and privacy

Network Engineering &Telecommunications Services

Jelene Crehan (Interim Director) Campus networking, wireless, and internet connectivity; telecommunications.
Learning Technologies and Client Service Solutions Elizabeth Romero Fuerte

Services Delivery: General Service Desk support and specialized support including learning technologies, learning environments, desktop support, On-site Support, the C stops, and the Academic Multimedia Lab; incident and knowledge management.
Community Engagement and Innovation: Instructional Design Office; learning systems integration and administration; communication and outreach functions, including all publicly facing digital content; client statistical analysis; professional development.
Administrative Operations: Student workforce management and ACCC assets coordination.

Enterprise Architecture and Development Ed Zawacki (Interim Director) Security, email, calendar, business tools, and infrastructure
IT Strategy and Planning Mark Goedert General management of services, projects, and performance metrics
Administration Nilton Garcia Finance, budget, HR and internal ACCC business processes
ACER Himanshu Sharma High performance computing

Major Communications

If you have specific computer support questions, please contact us.

We make general information available via:

  • This web site
  • ACCC Tech Talk, our newsletter
  • Email announcements
  • UIC News
  • Specific outage information via the web, RSS, and email
  • Information specifically for REACH members
  • uic_accc, our Twitter page
  • Lighting the Way, our ACCC CIO blog 

We solicit opinions from our users via:

  • General and specific surveys
  • Work with IT Governance, various committees, and college/unit representatives
  • Communications with REACH and Phonebook Contacts
  • Individual suggestions via email to suggest@uic.edu