To enable excellence through information technology.


A trusted strategic partner for innovative and transformative information technology solutions.

  • Collaboration: We actively promote shared knowledge and endeavor to create a true culture of collaboration in order to develop, expand, and enhance partnerships across the university and its community.
  • Excellence: We strive for the highest level of customer service by being both proactive in our planning and responsive when issues arise.
  • Innovation: We utilize our diverse talents to foster innovative and creative solutions. We promote leadership in IT across the university and seek new creative ideas and new technologies.
  • Integrity: As public employees, it is our duty to act responsibly, ethically, and without bias, basing our decisions on facts and data. We strive to work sustainably and with stewardship. We also encourage professional and personal growth and respect the work/life balance of our employees.
  • Transparency: We openly communicate with the university community to foster accountability.

As an organization, we agree to the following principles to guide how we will work.

  • Deliver customer‐centered service
  • Embrace an innovative culture of ideas and solutions
  • Be a good steward of resources
  • Be intentional in our partnerships
  • Commit to continuous improvement and learning
  • Be a people‐first place to work