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The Quiz Manager allows you to create multiple choice and short answer quiz questions. A quiz can consist of any number of questions and can be presented to Participants during the session. The results are tabulated for your review and can be published for the session attendees to review.

When using the Application Sharing feature, you can do the following:

The File Transfer feature permits Moderators (and Participants granted the permission) to upload files into the File Transfer library in order to share them with everyone in the session. Uploaded files can be pushed out to everyone in the session and explicitly saved by the receiving Participants and Moderators. Everyone has permission to save the files but a Moderator must give a Participant permission to upload files. If you have permission to upload a file, you will automatically be given permission to delete any files that you uploaded.


If you are running Java version 7 on your Mac and Blackboard Collaborate is not running properly or prompting an error message please follow these steps:


Note: If this is your first time joining a session or launching Blackboard Collaborate, you will be prompted to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. For more information about how to install the launcher, check out this quick guides for Mac and PC.

Not all participants need a UIC Blackboard Learn account (UIC NetID) in order to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session.  A Guest URL can be created for individuals who do not have a UIC NetID.

Once the conference session is created, the meeting link can be obtained by clicking "Allow Guests" under Room Attributes when a Web conference session is created.


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