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my.UIC is a University of Illinois at Chicago portal for incoming students which serves student administrative needs. To access my.UIC use your UIC NetID and ACCC common password. Activate your UIC NetID if you haven't already, or change your password, if you have forgotten it. 

To access many authenticated university services and create accounts, new students, faculty and staff must first activate their UIC NetID. The following information is required to complete the activation:

Your NetID and associated password are the only credentials needed to access most University and campus networking and computing services.  Services such as the my.UIC portal, Blackboard, email, campus computer labs, printers and more.

Passwords are managed centrally via the IAM Password Management service. 

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To change a file's extension, you must first enable file extension display in Windows. It is disabled by default. Once file extensions are displayed, you can use the file rename functionality to change a file's extension.

Display file extensions

The process of telling Windows Explorer to display file extensions is pretty much the same, regardless of what version of Windows you are using.

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Departmental servers used for coursework in Computer Science classes are not managed by ACCC and therefore will not be able to assist with usernames, passwords, and connectivity issues. Please contact Computer Science support for assistance with connecting to these servers.

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If you are an Undergraduate Student Employee, Temporary Extra Help, or a Medical Resident, you may complete your University Ethics training online.

Follow the links and you will be prompted by Bluestem for your NetID and common password. When prompted for your NetID, please ensure that your NetID is followed by You may be prompted for your 4-digit Nessie PIN.

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Please refer to the Office of Admissions and Records website for information about ordering transcripts.
Please refer to the Office of Admissions and Records website for information and assistance with registering for classes.

Telecom phone and jack installation and service orders are worked in the order that they are received.  Requests are usually worked within 7-10 days of receipt depending upon the complexity of the request and the constraints upon departmental resources.

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To locate the version of your Mac, click the Apple logo in the top left of your screen, then click About This Mac. A window will then appear and under Mac OS X, you will see the current version of your OS.

Additional Information: You can also use this screen to locate your serial number. Simply click on the version twice.

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If you are trying to burn a copy of an existing CD/DVD, you will need to make an image of the original CD/DVD and burn the image to a blank CD/DVD.

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