How do I manually migrate my email using Outlook (Drag-N-Drop)?

This document’s purpose is to instruct the user on how to add another email account to your Outlook 2016 Client and then migrate that mail to another server by manually dragging and dropping that mail in between the email servers.

1)         Install and Configure Outlook for Exchange Online
            (see here
2)         Connect Outlook to Gsuite email service
3)         Drag/Drop messages from Gsuite email service to Exchange Online (or vice-versa)


Connecting Outlook to Gsuite


  1. In Outlook, click File then Info followed by Add Account.


  2. Select Manual Setup:


  3. Select IMAP:


  4. IMAP Settings:


  5. Outbound Settings:


  6. Advanced Settings:

Connecting Outlook to Exchange Online/Office365

(see here


Once both accounts are configured in Outlook you can drag and drop messages between the two.


If you have any questions about this process please contact us via email at


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March 12, 2018

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