How do I remotely wipe a device joined to Office 365?

  1. Login to OWA (
  2. Click on the Gear Icon


      3.  Click Mail under Your App Settings


      4.  Click Genral to expand the General options and select (left-click) Mobile Devices


      5.  Select your Device


           NOTE:  Every device that has ever synced with Office 365 will show up here. Some devices may simply be called "outlook" instead of listing your device model/number.  You can click on the pencil-shaped icon to get some details to help determine if you're selecting the correct device.  Also, you can look at the date/time that the device has last synced to make sure you're wiping your most current device.


      6.  Click Wipe All Data


           NOTE:  Depending on your device.  You may be prompted to wipe the entire device or just the data for the account (on the device) that is currently syncing with Office 365.

      7.  Click Yes, when asked, if you're sure you want to wipe the device.


      8.  You will see "Wipe Pending" until the device has been successfully wiped.  Once it has been wiped, you can remove the device by clicking the minus sign icon.


      9.  Click "Yes" to remove the device.




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Last updated: 

March 13, 2017

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