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If you remember your expired password, you can still use it to log in at to create a new password (as long as your accounts have not been deleted).  Options for assistance with a forgotten password are explained at   If you have been away long enough for your accounts to be deleted, you will need to make sure you have a current valid affiliation, and then go through NetID activation as a new user in order to establish a new password and accounts. 

Yes, an expired password can be changed and the new password will then last for one year.  If you have previously set up password recovery options, you may change your password using the "Forgot password?" link at  Additional options for assistance with a forgotten password are explained at  

When you leave UIC, your accounts are flagged to be deleted after a specified grace period, about which you should have received an email notification.  Account deletion notices and password expiration notices are managed separately as the events are not intrinsically related.   If you have received notifications about both, you will lose account access by whichever happens first.  If your password expires before your accounts are deleted and you need to continue accessing your accounts until the end of the grace period, you will need to reset your password. 

Implementation of password syncing for your UIC NetID and Enterprise ID is planned for Fall 2016, when UIC goes live with the "One ID and Password" phase of the IAM Project.  Until then, the password for your UIC NetID, also known as the ACCC "common" password, will continue to be managed separately from your Enterprise password.  After UIC goes live with "One ID and Password", subsequent password changes will be synced from your UIC NetID to your Enterprise ID (and vice versa), as well as to any other UI campus at which you have been assigned a NetID.

An ACCC help desk agent can check the password expiration date for your NetID to verify that it is time for you to change your password.  You may contact the ACCC help desk at (312) 413-0003 or via email to

If you have an ACCC "common" password that you never use, you will not be impacted when it expires.  You will continue to manage your hospital password as required by hospital IT security policies. 

If the email is from ACCC, it is the password for your UIC NetID, also referred to as the ACCC "common" password, that is expiring.  The password for your Enterprise ID is managed separately and may have a different expiration date.  Also, passwords for the hospital Active Directory and clinical applications, for those who have them, are managed separately with different expiration dates. 

You can find a list of the basic password rules at, before and after you log in to change your password.  You can also find some tips to help you think of a good password at 

It is always safer not to click on links in email.  To make sure that you are using the correct website whenever you change the password for your UIC NetID, type '' in your web browser's address bar.

ACCC's security policy requires that you change your password at least once each year from now on.  Going forward, you will be required to change your password annually. 

The Bluestem login page is designed to assist users with resetting their expiring passwords by referring them to  If you have doubts about the authenticity of the login page or the expiration date for your password, you may contact the ACCC help desk at (312) 413-0003 or via email to to verify the information.  You may also access ACCC's password management page directly at any time by typing '' in your web browser's address bar.

ACCC is working on a plan to improve password assistance for UIC remote clients at the Peoria & Rockford sites by assigning Password Registrars.  A Password Registrar is an individual who has been authorized by ACCC at the request of their unit to generate a password reset token for other clients within their unit.  The new process is expected to be ready by August 1, 2018.  Updates will be posted here as new information becomes available.


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