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Repair/Trouble Reporting Number: 6-7171

NOTE: If you are using a single-line phone or ancillary equipment such as a modem, answering machine or fax machine, please replace the phone and cord or test the line by unplugging the ancillary equipment before calling repair. A $55.90 MINIMUM CHARGE APPLIES IF A TECHNICIAN IS DISPATCHED PLUS MATERIAL IF THE PROBLEM IS FOUND IN THE SINGLE-LINE PHONE OR ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when placing a repair report:

On a Centrex phone no, all multi-line sets' primary numbers must be different. The primary number is what controls the features on each set.

On VoIP sets yes, this is possible.


Telecom phone and jack installation and service orders are worked in the order that they are received.  Requests are usually worked within 7-10 days of receipt depending upon the complexity of the request and the constraints upon departmental resources.

Tags: telecom

To request a new connection for an existing wall jack (bjack) in your office, you should contact the REACH representative in your department. Don't know who that is?

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