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Before you install, confirm that ports 515 and 28303 are open on any firewall you are running. Visit the Pharos website to download the Pharos Popup Client for Mac OS X. Double-click on the installer to run it. You may need to authenticate as an administrator to run the installer. Select the volume to install the Popup application and click Install.

Service: Printing

Students, staff and faculty can send print jobs from their personal computers or any ACCC public lab in order to print them at the U-Print stations located on campus. In order to submit documents for printing from your own computer or device, download and install the U-Print Popup Client. Pharos Popup Client is available for the following operating systems:

While the current Wepa pilot is running in several locations on campus, U-Print printers are still the default print destination in the following open computer labs:

  • Benjamin Goldberg Research Center (BGRC) 105

  • Grant Hall (GH) 304 and 306

  • Science & Engineering Labs East (SELE) 2058, 2249, 2249F, 2263, and 2265

  • Science & Engineering Offices (SEO) 430 and 1200

  • Science & Engineering South (SES) 201

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The Dragon Dollar$ program is the official campus debit account linked to your i-card. You may purchase Dragon Dollar$ at one of the designated locations or online.

  1. Click File and choose Print (or use the shortcut Ctrl + P or Command + P). By default your document will be printed double-sided (if it is longer than one page). 
  2. Verify the printer you have selected matches the lab you are in (unless you intend to have your job printed to a different lab).
  3. Click Print.
  4. Access the nearest U-Print Station and log in using your UIC NetID  and password.
  5. Once logged in, you must select the document that you want to print, and simply click Print once more. 

Check your balance and printing history for the current semester in the following ways:

No, printing from lab computers is restricted to current UIC students, staff, and faculty, with a valid UIC NetID and password.
Service: Printing

Starting in the Fall 2014 semester, the ACCC will begin beta testing it's new UPrint mobile printing system.
This service allows UIC students, faculty, and staff to print from mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets.

Mobile printing in 2 simple steps:

STEP 1 - Upload your file to the print server

There are 3 ways to use upload your files to the print server

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Service: Printing

Double-sided (duplex) printing is the default setting on ACCC printers. If you need to print a document single-sided, follow these steps:

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Before releasing multiple documents to the printer, make sure the first document prints successfully. Once documents are released, they're no longer available from other U-Print stations. If the printer malfunctions or there are quality issues with paper or toner, you will not be able to print these jobs elsewhere. We strongly advise that you confirm the printer is working and that the job quality is adequate before releasing subsequent jobs.

When printing from a Mac, an error message will state that the print queue is paused.

This situation often occurs when a user has altered the Mac system preferences or when a program starts printing to the print queue, but is unable to finish. If a lab monitor is present, notify him.  This problem can also be resolved by sending an email to Please indicate the specific computer number, e.g., M226307 as well as a description of the problem.  The print queue will be cleared.

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The most common reason your document is not showing up in the spool queue is because the file hasn't finished being transferred from your computer. For large and graphic intensive documents it may take a couple minutes for the document to arrive in the Pharos spool queue. If the printer icon appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar, then your document is not yet ready to print. You can check the status of your print job by clicking on the printer icon.

Other reasons your document may not appear when logging into the Pharos station include:

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Service: Printing

Occasionally, when the Pharos server goes offline, users who attempt to print on a Mac stall the local print queue (on that Mac), meaning that no one will be able to print from this particular computer until the local queue is cleared. The problem is often typically noticed when attempting to release those print jobs at the Pharos release station.  They will not list for that user. 

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Printing a PDF file can be notoriously slow, but here are some general tips to ensure a quick print job:

  1. Save your files to the desktop - always!

  2. Go to file then click print

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You can print a document in any lab as long as the printer that you print the job on is the same as or similar to the printer in the lab where you submitted the document for printing. Special print jobs, such as those for the plotter in the Art and Architecture lab, will only be available to print from the Art and Architecture U-Print station because they cannot be printed on any other ACCC printer.

The default printer type in each lab is set to the type of printer that is available in that lab. 

Some Pharos release stations - typically in high traffic areas - have MAGic screen magnification software running on them.  This software has been installed as an Accessibility resource provided for students who are visually impaired.

Pharos stations in the following locations have been deployed with MAGic software:

  • GRC 105
  • SCE 401
  • SEL 2265
  • SPHPI B34
  • SSB 2300

Basic Usage

Service: Printing

Currently, ACCC is running a pilot of the new Wepa printing system, while also maintaining the U-Print printing system.

Students continue to receive the ACCC-provided $15 quota for printing each semester, usable at any of the Wepa or U-Print locations on campus. At all locations, once the quota is exhausted, you can utilize your Dragon Dollar$ account balance.

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Service: Printing

Balances in the ACCC's $15.00 free U-Print printing quota remaining at the end of the semester do not carry over to the next semester. Your balance will be reset to $15.00 at the beginning of the new term.

Any Dragon Dollar$ you have left over will carry over.


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