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For data jacks that VoIP phones run on you can essentially have an unlimited number of phone lines associated with one device.  By installing a 6 line phone and then adding on sidecars you can ensure that multiple lines will appear on the single data jack.

For traditional analog/Centrex jacks you can install four phones on the voice port of a jack. For example, two phones, one fax, and a credit card machine.

Please note this procedure will not work on the Cisco IP phones and since all Centrex lines are not compatible to add this feature you must call 6-7144 select option 5 to confirm the feature can be activated, if so we will activate the feature immediately. There is a $1.49 charge with each successful activation.

This is to address those instances where staff receive either obscene or harassing phone calls. The Call Trace feature enables a user to track a call already received and provide information to properly investigate a complaint.

Phone does not appear to be "on"

If you see no indicators or information on your telephone's LCD screen please check to make sure that the telephone is plugged into your data jack. In most instances your phone should be able to receive power over your data connection. If your phone is securely plugged in to your offices ethernet jack and is still not receiving power then you may need a power brick. Please use "Report Problem" if your phone appears to not have power.

To add a new phone line, change an existing phone line, or remove a current phone line, please submit a request using this form.

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