ADDA Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I get the warning message that my KeyClient is obsolete?

  • A recent version of the KeyAccess client is needed to use any applications provided through ADDA. If you have an outdated version of the client, you will be prompted to upgrade it.
  • Please uninstall the KeyAccess client on your computer before installing a new version. You can do this by going to Control Panel -> Programs (or Add and Remove Programs) and uninstalling Sassafras K2 Client. You will be prompted to reboot your system after a successful uninstall.
  • The new version of the KeyAccess client is available through the ADDA client interface. The installer is called k2client.exe, or k2mobile.exe if you are using the "mobile" version that includes the KeyCheckout utility. Your system will restart after a successful install.
  • You can verify that the installation of the new version was successful by checking the version of the file c:\windows\keyacc32.exe. Check the version of this file and make sure that it says 7.0.
What is my login name for ADDA?
ADDA is integrated into the ACCC Active Directory, so you should use your NetID and ACCC common password when you log in to ADDA services.
I have an ADDA subscription, why am I getting a login error?
This error is typically caused by either an incorrect username/password or missing permissions.
  • Problems with wrong credentials - It is possible that your Active Directory password is not in sync with our common password. A simple reset of the common password should correct this problem. To reset your common password, please visit the ACCC password utility page.
  • Problems with permission setting - If you have already reset your common password and are still unable to access the ADDA resources, permissions might need to be corrected. Email and we will gladly check and correct this permission error for you.
When I launch ADDA.exe, I see a Bluestem login screen. After logging in, I see a cookie error or blank page. How can I fix this?
This error that will occur if you attempt to connect to ADDA from a non-UIC internet connection and do not connect to the UIC VPN. If you are connected to the VPN, or if you are on the UIC network, this error will not occur. More information regarding the UIC VPN can be found here.
What firewall settings do I need to change to access ADDA?
You should configure your firewall using hostname and set it to allow:


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September 21, 2016

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