ADDA Software License Renewal

Renewing ADDA Software Licenses

Here are instructions on how to renew licenses for certain ADDA software packages.

Step 1 - Map the N:\ Drive

The N drive needs to be mapped first, regardless of which software you wish to renew. Launch ADDA.exe (just double-click it, do not "run as administrator"), log in, and close it after the N drive is mapped. If you do not have ADDA.exe on your computer, you can download it here:

Download the ADDA Client

Step 2 - Software-specific instructions


  • SAS 9.2 and 9.3 license renewal codes are no longer available
  • The most recent SAS 9.4 license files can be found here:

N:\SASServer\SID Files\SAS94_9C3QGY_TR_Win_Wrkstn.txt (32-bit SAS)

N:\SASServer\SID Files\SAS94_9C3QGY_TR_Win_X64_Wrkstn.txt (64-bit SAS)

  • Use the SAS license renewal tool to apply the license file to your installation. The tool is installed with SAS and can be found here:

Start -> Programs -> SAS -> Utilities -> Renew SAS Software

  • If the renewal tool does not work properly when the file on the N drive is specified, copy the license file from the N drive to a local drive on your computer, then point the license renewal tool to that copied file.


  • SPSS 19 and 20 license renewal codes are no longer available. SPSS 22 uses a network-based concurrent user license, which does not require users to enter a license code on their workstations.

Need to renew software not listed here?

If you need to renew ADDA software not listed here, please email

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February 21, 2019

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