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WebEx enables you to schedule and start meetings on someone else’s behalf. You, as the scheduler, must also have a host account and have permission to schedule meetings as host in the site of the other host. 

You can do so using either MS Outlook or the UIC WebEx portal.

Using MS Outlook

To schedule a meeting for another host:

Tags: WebEx
Service: Conferencing

1. Go to, click on "Unit" or "Personal" Purchases.

2. Log in with your UIC NetID and password.

3. Type in WebEx in the Product Search box, click Go.

WebEx Product Search

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Service: Lecture Capture

To Add the Echo360 ALP LTI tool link to course content:

  • Log in to Blackboard and navigate to a course.
  • Click on a Content area from the selections on the left menu.
  • Click Assessments, then select Echo360 ALP.

Echo 360 Screenshot

Tags: echo360, echo, 360, ALP
Service: Lecture Capture

To Create a Link to Echo360 ALP in the left navigation:

Some students will find it easier to locate Echo360 content if a link to it is more obvious. In addition, the Safari browser has exhibited some issues when trying to open Echo360 sections and content within the Blackboard frames. Users can right-click this link to open Echo360 in a new tab/window.

To configure a left-navigation link to the Echo360 ALP assessments tool link:

Share your calendar from Outlook on Windows

NOTE: Instructions will be similar depending on which version of Outlook you're running, though the pictures may look slightly different.
1.  Before someone can view your calendar, you must first give them permissions to do so. To do this, open Outlook and click on the calendar view on the bottom left of Outlook.
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The following comparison table will help you decide whether to use your personal room or the scheduler for your meetings.

When Outlook is installed and your profile is created, the Autodiscover service is used to automatically configure your client settings for our environment. Outlook periodically attempts to retrieve these settings again in order to ensure that your client remains correctly configured if the server settings have changed in any way. 

Service: Printing

Currently, ACCC is running a pilot of the new Wepa printing system, while also maintaining the U-Print printing system.

Students continue to receive the ACCC-provided $15 quota for printing each semester, usable at any of the Wepa or U-Print locations on campus. At all locations, once the quota is exhausted, you can utilize your Dragon Dollar$ account balance.

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Service: Conferencing

A personal room is a virtual conference room that you can use whenever you need to meet with people. Each UIC WebEx host account holder has a personal, easy to remember link that never changes, so your colleagues always know where your meetings are held.

Your personal room has two permanent elements:

Service: Office 365

What is Microsoft Teams?

Previously known as Skype Teams, Microsoft Teams is what Microsoft calls a "chat-based workspace" that facilitates real-time collaboration and allows people to come together to have casual conversations and create work plans.

In essence it is a group chat app, which is significantly easier to use than email for managing multiple conversations in a team environment. Microsoft Teams is a cross-platform app (available for desktop and mobile, for Android, iOS and Windows Phone) that integrates Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

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Yes, SharePoint 2016 is backward compatible.

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WebEx enables you to grant permission to other users to schedule and start meetings on your behalf. If you plan on having an assistant or someone else handle the scheduling of your WebEx meetings, you must add the person as a host in your WebEx account.

Note: Your alternative host must also have a host WebEx account.

1) Login to WebEx at

2) Click on My WebEx (a)

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Service: Conferencing

The Participant and Chat panels are on the right hand side. The Participant panel allows you to view participants who have come into the meeting, how they joined, and their audio connection. The Chat panel gives you and your participants the ability to communicate during the meeting.

Chat panel

For Summer and Fall 2018 semester, ACCC is piloting a new print solution with Wepa The following locations provide Wepa printing:

  • Richard J. Daley Library (LIB)

    • 9 stations on first floor

    • 4 stations on second floor

    • 2 stations on third floor

    • 2 stations on fourth floor

  • Library of the Health Sciences (LHS)

    • 2 stations on first floor

    • 1 station on second floor

  • Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB)

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Service: Conferencing

In order to comply with Illinois law, hosts that intend to record a WebEx meeting must state that intention in both the meeting invite (e.g. Exchange invite) and at the start of the meeting before they turn on recording.

If you are the host, you can record a meeting from the meeting room window by clicking on the Record icon or by using the Recorder icon.

record quick start

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The reason behind this limitation has everything to do with database performance. SQL Server databases sit behind every SharePoint list and library, and their functions are driven primarily by direct database queries. So the more items in a list or library, the harder the database needs to work, and the more performance becomes comprised for every SharePoint user in the entire farm.

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Below is a download link to the standard custom Code42 template (with ACCC server settings preconfigured), and a preconfigured and precustomized .dmg that prevents the application from starting automatically right after installation, and sets the user variable to the output of

last | grep console | grep still | awk '{print $1}' | head -1

If the premade installer fits your needs, you can skip right to deployment. Else, read on below. 

Download links:

Full Customized Application

ACCC is working on a plan to improve password assistance for UIC remote clients at the Peoria & Rockford sites by assigning Password Registrars.  A Password Registrar is an individual who has been authorized by ACCC at the request of their unit to generate a password reset token for other clients within their unit.  The new process is expected to be ready by August 1, 2018.  Updates will be posted here as new information becomes available.

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For students who have remaining Ink Funds balance, ACCC is working with Ink to have a webpage provided where you can request a refund of remaining balance. These refunds apply only to value added by the student - remaining promotional credit from the Spring 2018 semester will not be refunded. Ink has agreed to provide this webpage but has not yet provided a timeline for this to be available. This page will be updated with a link to that refund request form when it is available.


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