Document not showing up at Pharos Print Station

The most common reason your document is not showing up in the spool queue is because the file hasn't finished being transferred from your computer. For large and graphic intensive documents it may take a couple minutes for the document to arrive in the Pharos spool queue. If the printer icon appears in the lower right corner of the taskbar, then your document is not yet ready to print. You can check the status of your print job by clicking on the printer icon.

Other reasons your document may not appear when logging into the Pharos station include:

  1. The document was sent to the wrong lab - In some cases, sending the document to the wrong printer can affect whether it shows up in Pharos (ex: sending a print job to a housing lab printer from a public lab). Make sure that the lab you are in is selected under the print settings. Sometimes the default printer is incorrectly set to TBH.
  2. NOTE: To change the print location to a different lab, select Print and then from the drop-down menu at the top choose the lab where you want to pick up your print job. Make sure to select the lab printer with the following format: \\uic-cc-pharos1\ACCC-Spool-Lab_Name. If you select one of the others that start with Uprint-Lab_Name, your print job will not show up.

  3. You are logged in under someone else's NetID - If you send a job from a computer that someone else is logged into, when you send a job to be printed, it will be under that user's NetID, and not your own.


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September 21, 2016

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