Fixing the Viscosity Error about ‘Unsafe scripts’

This document describes the workaround for Viscosity if you are seeing the error as in the picture below:


1. Right click on the ‘Viscosity’ icon in your task bar (lower right hand corner of your Windows Desktop) and choose ‘Preferences’.


2. Select the connection you would like to and click on ‘Edit’ in the lower right hand corner of the box.


3. Select the last tab that should say ‘Advanced’


4. Find the line in the text box at the bottom that says ‘script-security 1’ and delete the line


5. The text box should look something like this (it will vary depending on your particular VPN configuration. Do not alter the text other than to delete the aforementioned line. Click on ‘Save’ which will bring you back to the ‘Preferences’ screen.


6. Repeat the procedure if you have multiple VPN configurations.

7. Close the ‘Preferences’ box and connect to your VPN.

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Last updated: 

May 10, 2017

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