How can I access my telephone bill?

To access your monthly statement:

  1. Go to:
  2. When the new web page appears, select "Customer Portal"
  3. The WELCOME screen will appear with selectable tabs for viewing a variety of information for your account.

The monthly Telecommunications bill covers the period from the 29th of the month through the 28th of the following month. Charges are normally posted to FOPAL accounts and to the University's web site by the end of the month.

Operator Service charges will also be posted the following month although there are occasions when the vendors do not submit their billing on a timely basis.

To review your telecom billing and services:

Click the "my bills" tab to view your current and past billing statements.

The "Current Balance" screen appears and displays the following details of the current billing period:

  • Rated calls
  • Monthly Recurring Charges
  • Other Charges and Credits

You can click on any one of these items to see the details.

Click the "View bill" tab to display your previous monthly bills.

  • Note that the "Output Method" is defaulted to HTML but you can also select EXCEL (which can be downloaded to your computer) or a PDF output.
  • Click on the blue "Billing Date" to access that month's billing details.

Other tabs in your Customer /Subscriber Account:

  • My Account contains your personal information (i.e. name, e-mail address). To change or correct the information displayed, e-mail or call ext. 3-8885.
  • Tools contains a "Directory" of campus users and "Price A Call" to determine in advance the cost of a call (just enter the DATE, TO & FROM NUMBERS and DURATION)
  • Home returns you to the Customer Portal main page
  • Help displays instructions and topics for the billing portal
  • Log Out

If you have any questions or experience difficulty accessing your bill, contact

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October 19, 2012

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