How can I download an email folder from my Basic Email account?

The Email - Quota Tool has an option to download (or delete) email folders that are on your Basic Email account.

  1. Go to: Email - Quota Tool (authenticate with your UIC NetID and ACCC common password)
  2. Click the View/Download/Delete Email Folders link (or Download/Delete 10 Largest Files if using tigger), which opens the folder list page. NOTE: The Quota Tool can display all mail folders for mailserv only. It will only display the 10 largest folders for tigger. 
  3. Click Download next to the folders you want to download.

Downloaded email mailboxes are simple text files; downloading a mailbox and then printing the download copy is a great way to print a copy of all the messages in a mailbox, too. After you download your mailbox, you can use your personal computer file viewer -- WordPad, SimpleText, or a word processor such as Word -- and browse or print the entire email mailbox. 

Note about deleting a mailbox: The Quota Tool has an option to delete mailboxes also. This does delete the mailbox on the server. It is possible to get a mailbox back if you delete it in error. You won't, however, be able to get back any messages that were added to a mailbox since the last time a server automated backup is done.  Send email to: to request the recall the missing files for you.  Make sure you tell us the day and time you deleted the mailbox and what mailbox (and server) you want recalled. We only keep these backups for 7 days.

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September 21, 2016

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