How can I monitor my data usage?

Use the Data Usage Monitoring Tool to view your data usage as calculated by ACCC. The Data Usage Monitoring Tool is the recommended method for monitoring your bandwidth usage on the UIC networks. Please note that although ACCC makes every effort to maintain the availability of its machines, the inability to access the monitor is not a valid reason for exceeding your data usage. Consult UIC Wireless and Res-Net Policy for the current data usage limit and other restrictions.

The data usage reported may not be quite correct at any particular time:

  • There may be a delay of as much as 15 minutes between the usage reported on the web page and your current usage. In other words, if you have downloaded or uploaded anything in the last 15 minutes, it may not be reflected in the total on the web page.
  • Also, file transfers may not appear in your total until they are completed.  (Specifically, those using the TCP protocol). This means, say, if you use SFTP to transfer a 500 MB file and it takes 35 minutes to transfer, that 500 MB would not be added to your total until the end of that 35 minutes.

There are also many tools available online that can be installed on your machine to assist you in monitoring your data usage. You may or may not wish to install such tools in the event that the ACCC provided web page becomes unavailable. ACCC cannot vouch for the safety or accuracy of any of these tools, and the official data usage number is the one which is calculated by ACCC.

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August 13, 2015

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