How can I monitor processes on an Argo node?

Though you can't log in directly to a compute node, you can monitor processes via the rsh command. For example, suppose you want to see what processes you are running. For processes on the master, it's the basic ps command:

ps -ef | grep NetID

For a compute node, you would do the following:

rsh -l NetID compute_node-name 'ps -ef | grep NetID'

So, for node argo1-1, user jsmith would enter:

rsh -l jsmith argo1-1 'ps -ef | grep jsmith'

Make sure you enclose the endire command (after the node name in double quotation marks:

rsh -l jsmith argo1-1 'ps -ef | grep jsmith'

All the shell commands are available. Suppose user jsmith had used the /tmp filesystem on the compute node as a scratch area for a temporary file and, upon completion of the job wants to erase it:

$ rsh -l jsmith argo1-1 'ls -al /tmp/junk1'
-rw-r--r-- 1 jsmith users 0 May 19 13:31 /tmp/junk1'

$ rsh -l jsmith argo1-1 'rm -f /tmp/junk1'
$ rsh -l jsmith argo1-1 'ls -al /tmp/junk1'

ls: /tmp/junk1: No such file or directory

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November 16, 2018

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